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A Step Towards Workplace Ladder Safety

Harness the power of signage.

The Ladder-Guard Safety Barrier is a simple, low-cost solution that helps protect workers from falling with clear, recognizable signage that promotes proper ladder use.

Falls are the number one cause of worker-related injuries on construction sites. 

Yet many accidents are preventable.

Lower the risk of worker-related accidents and injuries

Mitigate fines or penalties due to ladder safety violations

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October 23-25, 2023

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Effective Ladder Safety Signage for the Top Step

To help reduce ladder accidents and improve ladder safety.

Ladder-related violations consistently rank in OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards. And ladder falls from heights of 6-10ft are a leading cause of severe ladder injuries.

“The top or top step of a stepladder shall not be used as a step.”
OSHA Regulation 1926.1053(b)(13)

Our simply designed, easy-to-install Ladder-Guard [LINK: About] barrier attaches to any self-supporting portable ladder. The barrier’s bright, bold NO STEP signage provides a strong visual cue that discourages using the top step or top cap of the stepladder.

  • Durable, lightweight, low-cost, easy to maintain
  • Installs in minutes with no special tools or modifications

Help reduce worksite ladder falls and accidents – easily and cost-effectively – with Ladder-Guard.