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The Ladder-Guard barrier is a great low-cost, safety solution to keeping your employees safe and productive.

Ladder-Guard Red ladder safety guard

Available in Red or Yellow

– Works on any size stepladder

– Installs in minutes with no special tools and no modifications to the stepladder

– Reduces ladder accidents by preventing access to the top step

– Lessen the risk of fines or penalties due to ladder safety violations

– Reduces the risk of worker injury or death

– Promotes proper use of ladders

– Lightweight, inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Ladder fall heights of 6 ft. -10ft. accounted for 50% of emergency department treated ladder fall injuries and 28% of all fatalities. *

This accident could have easily been avoided if Ladder-Guard was in place!

Ladder injuries are preventable, especially with the help of Ladder-Guard, which prevents workers from using the top step of a ladder. This is not only a great safety measure but also the law.

OSHA regulation 1926.1053(b)(13) states, “The top or top step of a stepladder shall not be used as a step.” Additionally, ladder-related violations are in OSHA’s top 10 list for most common OSHA transgressions. Because of the frequency of ladder injuries and violations, OSHA supports ladder safety month in March of every year.

*CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), Occupational Ladder Fall Injuries – United States, 2011. April 25, 2014 / 63(16);341-346.

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