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Ladder-Guard was designed with a straightforward goal: to help prevent falls.

The design concept is simple, the effect is significant. By discouraging access to the top step and top cap of stepladders with effective, attention-getting signage, worker-related accidents are made less likely.

Simple design, significant effect 

What is the Ladder-Guard safety barrier?

The patented custom-molded, lightweight, and durable plastic barrier is designed to fit in the space between the top step and top cap of any portable ladder. A die cut NO STEP message reminds the ladder user to “stop” with a clear and memorable visual cue, and the barrier helps limit the ability to step onto the top-most part of the stepladder.

Ladder-Guard installs in minutes, requires no special tools, and is available in bold red and bright yellow.

OSHA recommends equipping portable ladders in the workplace with safety features. Ladder-Guard is an easy-to-install, cost-effective answer!

Ladder-Guard is a trusted government vendor

We’re proud to be the US manufacturer of this quality product and are a federal government-approved vendor. Busy worksite environments of all sizes can benefit from Ladder-Guard’s safety-enhancing features. Get the original Ladder-Guard safety barrier and help reduce workplace falls and accidents. 

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