Ladder Safety Barrier


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1-24 units, cable ties included: $19.95 each

Box of 25 units, cable ties included: $487.25 (19.49 each)

Box of 100 units, cable ties included: $1,849.00 ($18.49 each)


1-24 units, no cable ties: $19.45 each

Box of 25 units, no cable ties: $474.75 ($18.99 each)

Box of 100 units, no cable ties: $1,799.00 ($17.99 each)



Ladder-Guard Safety Barrier 

Custom-molded, durable plastic safety barrier and signage is designed to fit in the space between the top step and top cap of any standard-sized, self-supporting portable ladder. Featuring a die cut NO STEP message, the Ladder-Guard barrier provides a highly visual reminder to ladder users to prioritize safety and avoid the top-most ladder step or cap. 

Available in bold red and bright yellow.

Installs in minutes. Requires no special tools or modifications to ladder.

Each Ladder-Guard Safety Barrier comes with four (4) heavy-duty cable ties.

Made in USA
U.S. Patent: D791,971
U.S. Trademark: 86764784

Benefits of Ladder-Guard

  • Promotes proper use of portable ladders with recognizable visual cue
  • Minimizes ladder accidents by limiting access to top step or cap
  • Helps reduce risk of worker injury or death
  • Helps reduce risk of fines or penalties due to ladder safety violations
  • Installs in minutes, requires no special tools or ladder modifications
  • Lightweight, durable, affordable, easy to maintain
  • Works on all bi-fold, self-supporting stepladders